Working Together to Defeat Lung Attack

Lung attack campaign, an initiative by Cipla aims to increase attention around Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), improve diagnosis, and ensure accurate treatment.

While COPD treatment has been in the works for over three decades, knowledge on its management by doctors, awareness by patients, and education for caregivers and paramedics are inadequate. With these three objectives, we set out to transform the realm of COPD awareness in India.

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What is a Lung Attack?

Lung attack is a simple term for COPD exacerbation. This exacerbation in patients can lead to worsening or ‘flare up of COPD symptoms.

The inflammation (irritation and swelling) of the airways during and after a lung attack can cause some patients to be extremely ill. It often takes a month or longer to recover completely

How to Recognize an Exacerbation/Lung Attack on Time?

Signs and symptoms of an exacerbation in a COPD patient include:

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  • More breathlessness than usual with routine tasks, like walking or showering
  • Change in colour of sputum (deep yellow, green, brown) and/or increase in amount
  • More trouble sleeping, headache or a sense of confusion when you wake up
  • Other signs and symptoms of frequent infections in the lungs, such as fever
  • Typical cough may increase in severity or frequency, or a new cough may develop
  • Lack of energy, or the feeling of fatigue and tiredness sets in more often
  • Oxygen levels are lower than usual (as measured by using a pulse oximeter)
  • Visible blueness of the lips and/or in the beds of the fingernails (cyanosis)

How to Prevent a Lung Attack

Not all exacerbations can be prevented, but there are ways to lessen their occurrence and limit their severity.

Steps to Follow During a Lung Attack

  • Always watch out for signs and symptoms of a COPD exacerbatio
  • Use the rescue inhaler/reliever< as prescribed by your doctor
  • Call your doctor promptly even if you start to have few symptoms
  • Keep your family informed so you have help available at all times
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