World Asthma Day

When it comes to overall health, we need our bodies to work like a well-oiled machine. This means that all our organs – heart, brain, stomach, and even our lungs, have to be in optimum condition.  We take our lungs’ capability to breathe so much for granted that we don’t think about them unless we have some trouble in breathing. However, not a lot of people pay attention to the lungs, and therefore get worried if (and when) they are diagnosed with a breathing problem. Breathing problems such as asthma and allergies are nothing to worry about. With the correct diagnosis and treatment, they can very easily be treated and managed. Today the world is going through a crisis.  Everyone is living in the fear of getting infected. People who have asthma, need to take extra care now.

To educate people about how to take care of themselves, Breathefree (Cipla’s public service initiative) hosted a Facebook live session with Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna, who is also an asthmatic and a panel of esteemed doctors on World Asthma Day i.e. May 05, 2020. The doctors talked about how to take care of asthma and usage of inhalers and explained the facts to prove that inhalation medication should not be suspended even during these times.

FB live with Vikas Khanna and asthma experts


Breathefree worked on an amazing digital insight where it was seen that asthmatics and care givers around the globe are having queries about asthma and use of inhalers and they are searching for solutions to these on Google. They are looking for experts to address their queries. To address these queries Breathefree launched a video featuring top KOLs across India addressing these queries and answering them through holding a placard.

Doctors answer the most frequently Googled questions on asthma


The initiatives undertaken were a huge success, with many people attending the Live session and also viewing the doctor video.

Listen to doctors' advice on asthma management in these times


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