God bless you!

It all started one day with a single sneeze. Of course, one sneeze can’t change your life. But sneezing for 15-20 minutes in a row can. And if they last till you are exhausted, your life will not be the same again.


In the beginning, I thought it was just a common cold. But then, the sneezing fits would last all day long. At first, my friends and family would jokingly call me the harbinger of bad luck, every time I sneezed in a conversation. Even I laughed it off for a while.


But then, it stopped being funny. The superstition was far too deep and my sneezes far too frequent. Words like manhoos, stung my ears every time. And it hurt more than my chest did, from the constant sneezing.


I never thought that sneezing can also be a part of a disease. I was constantly having a runny nose and watery eyes. Finally, I went to a doctor who explained to me that my condition was called allergic rhinitis. It scared the daylights out of me first. I started taking treatment and medication. My life slowly started coming back to normal. And today my allergic rhinitis is totally under control.


I never believed in luck, especially as a manhoos. But I think it was my good luck that I found the right diagnosis for my condition. I hope others with a condition like mine do too. And like me, they too can lead a near to normal life; so that their sneezes would be replaced by smiles.

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